Khary Mans His Own Ship with ‘Captain’ Album

blame it on Wongo April 5, 2018

Rhode Island’s own, Khary, has been slowly, yet steadily, making impressive progress with his rap career over the last couple years, gaining a good amount of steam after his 2016 project, Intern Aquarium.

Teaming up with producer Lege Kale, Khary returned last year with Tidal Graves, a quick 7-track EP that bridged the gap between Intern Aquarium and what’s to come. Tracks like “Fujiko,” a personal favorite of mine, showed great promise for the upcoming album.

Fast forward nearly a year and Khary has graced us with his new album, Captain. With 12 tracks in total, Captain is led by four singles, “WiFi,” “Cursed,” “4AM Thirst Ballad,” and the title-track, Khary handles most of the album by himself, with just two features from Olu Bliss and Cloud Atrium. Tedd Boyd, Calev, Tee Watt, and others handle the album’s production.

Captain represents mastery of self–mentally, physically, and spiritually,” Khary says. “As humans, we reach for it on a daily basis. When you ask most people what they want out of life, they say ‘happiness,’ and I believe you have to be the ‘Captain’ of yourself to achieve true happiness.”

“Along the journey we encounter different things whether it be people, substances, etc. that make us feel like we’ve achieved this state that turn out to be false and detrimental to our well being,” he continues. “This project is the story of life as a 20 something male living in New York. I moved to NYC five years ago and was a much more reserved person. I challenged myself to adapt, but somewhere along the way, I became temporarily lost in this person that was only a fraction of myself. But I had also outgrown the reserved me. So I started to reflect on the past five years of my life to start merging the old me and the new me into the person I want to be in the future. This project is a product of that self-reflection.”

If you’re ready, the captain would like to set sail now.

Press play below and be sure to add Captain on your preferred streaming platform.