Topaz Jones Shares A Side/B Side, “Cotton Fields” x “For the Better”

blame it on Meka April 5, 2018

Wow, it’s been a minute since Topaz Jones was around these parts. He’s kept busy, however, dropping a series of A Side/B Side EPs—including Toothache/Zoom, and Nectar/Pleasure Pain Passion.

He’s now debuted “Cotton Fields,” slated to find life on the first half of the final A Side/B Side. “I was tripping in the woods with some of my closest friends from childhood my first year out of high school and I had a moment where I looked up and saw this really crazy hallucination in the sky,” Topaz told p&p. “It reminded me of a lot of the simple things I was losing sight of. I sketched it down in a notebook and it always stuck with me. When I made the beat for ‘Cotton Fields’ it really sounded like that moment to me.”

Listen to “Cotton Fields” below.

UPDATE: And just like that, Mr. Jones has come through with the B-Side, “For the Better.”

“This is the last song I recorded from the house I grew up in before we had to move out,” he told Vibe. “I was feeling deep nostalgia for my upbringing in New Jersey and leaving kinda felt similar to the end of a relationship. A lot of things have changed in the past couple years but no matter how it happened, in the end it was always for the better.”