Nevelle Viracocha Returns with Striking “Multiply” Video

blame it on Shake April 9, 2018

With his Astral Hour debut set to arrive May 4th, Nevelle Viracocha is back at the DopeHouse with a new single and accompanying video.

A sonic departure from 2016’s Eff/Pee/Ohh, the Alabama rapper -turnt- singer/producer is reborn and re-inveting his sound on “Multiply” with a genre-blending mix of rap, soul, and blues.

“I made ‘Multiply’ for all the people who knows what it feels like to be the underdog,” Viracocha told okp. “I’m speaking to those who didn’t start out in first place but refuse to finish last. A reminder that you have to face your reality before you can change it.”

“It’s the thought process that we are built to overcome any hurtle set before us; even when we die, we never really die,” he continues. “Church music for sinners, redemption for the lost, that’s what we create. ‘Multiply’ to me is the story of trials and tribulations. Tragedies turned into triumph.”

Directed by Spencer Sease, the video is compiled of lasting images that display three distinctly different vantage points—showcasing Nevelle’s ‘split’ personalities with shots in a tuxedo at an empty theater, on a Grand Piano outdoors, and in a jail cell.