Pac Div – “Stoked” (Video)

blame it on Shake April 13, 2018

In case you missed the memo, Pac Div is back!

After a six year hiatus, the dynamic Cali trio made their grand return today with the release of their new album, 1st Baptist. And now, they keep things rolling with a video for the standout track, “Stoked.”

Rolling into a liquor store for a drink and a pack of Backwoods, Like, BeYoung and Mibbs end up buying a scratch off lottery ticket. And from there, the DiV tumble into a world of delirium, complete with fish-eye lenses, changing color schemes, and floating cartoon clouds.

“This video is like you’re at your highest frequency,” BeYoung told Noisey. “Just being ecstatic and being ready for a high powered time, with your boys and maybe in the company of ladies whether their body parts are natural or purchased. When you’ve had a couple drinks and having fun and you realize that her ass is fake but you’re saying, ‘Welp, we’re already here and having a good time.'”

Check out the F1V3-directed clip below and be sure to give that 1st Baptist a spin, or seven.