Chris Orrick Drops ‘Portraits’ Album

blame it on Shake May 4, 2018

Although he’s been rocking the “Red Pill” alias for years now, Detroit’s Chris Orrick switched things up at the top of the year and decided to start going by his government name—thanks to some bozos on the internet who took the same Matrix reference and dragged it through the mud with hate and ignorance.

Comfortable in his own skin, Chris followed up the name change with “Bottom Feeders,” the first single off his new Portraits album, with Fashawn and Exile. And now, the album has arrived in its full form.

“I tried to strip everything down to what I think simple, concise portraits of who I am,” Orrick told VIBE about the album. “Whether that be finding myself through self-portraits, portraits of everyday workers, portraits of the current political moment or portraits of myself told through the eyes of people I encounter daily.

“Portraits can often be overlooked, but there are so many details in the face that tell innumerable stories about what the person portrayed might have been feeling or going through. I’m trying to find those details, within myself and within America today.”

Locked in at 12 tracks, Portaits also features Verbal Kent, with production from L’Orange, Apollo Brown, Nolan the Ninja, Onra, Samarei, and Calvin Valentine.

  1. “Self-Portrait” (prod. Nolan The Ninja)
  2. “Stories” (prod. Bruce Wain)
  3. “Design Flaw” (prod. L’Orange)
  4. “The Rubric” f. Verbal Kent (prod. Calvin Valentine)
  5. “Lazy Buddies” (prod. Apollo Brown)
  6. “Escape Plan” (prod. Samarei)
  7. “Anywhere Instead” (prod. L’Orange)
  8. “Bottom Feeders” f. Fashawn (prod. Exile)
  9. “Barfly” (prod. Onra)
  10. “Jealous of the Sun” (prod. Onra)
  11. “Mom” (prod. Nolan The Ninja)
  12. “What Happens Next?” (prod. Nolan The Ninja)

Press play on Portraits below and be sure to add the album on your preferred streaming platform.