Bump J Releases New EP, ‘I Don’t Feel Rehabilitated’

blame it on Shake June 20, 2018

The Chief of Chicago is back.

After serving nearly a decade behind bars, Bump J is officially back in action with the release of his first project since his “get out of jail for free” card was finally accepted.

Running with the title of I Don’t Feel Rehabilitated, Bump explains that his time locked up didn’t change him. “The incarceration didn’t turn me into a different person,” he told FSD. “I was gone almost ten years so naturally I’m getting older and maturity comes with age, but I’m still Bump — just more calculated.”

Arriving at nine tracks, including the Cardo-laced “Foe Phones,” Bump calls on Juice, DY, The ANMLS, CAMEone, and Eloh to provide the canvas for his latest work.

Press play on the EP below and be on the lookout for more from Bump as this is only the beginning.

“To tell you the truth, a lot of the songs was just me sparring and getting used to recording again,” he says, “so once the first project is released I have a base to flood the streets back to back to back. Content is king and I wanted to have a head start for future projects.”