Embrace ‘The Now Now’ with the Gorillaz New Album

blame it on Shake June 28, 2018

In 2017, the Gorillaz returned from a six year hiatus with their fifth studio album, Humanz. Thankfully, the digital band didn’t take the same amount of time to deliver a proper follow-up. The Now Now has arrived.

Like they did with The Fall releasing nine months after Plastic Beach, Damon Albarn — who is definitely not a Kanye West fan — and company recorded the album while on tour and kept things to a minimum on the feature tip.

A much leaner effort than Humanz, The Now Now comes equipped with 11 songs (compared to 26 on their last go round) and features a dozen less guest appearances. While the likes of DRAM, Pusha T, and Anthony Hamilton helped before, only Snoop Dogg (“Hollywood“), house music pioneer Jamie Principle and legendary guitarist George Benson (“Humility“) contribute this time around.

The aesthetic of the group is a little different, as well. Not only has 2D reprised his role as the band’s creative driving force, their bassist Murdoc is currently holed up in HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs and was replaced by Ace of Powerpuff Girls fame — no, seriously.

Led by “Fire Flies,” “Sorcererz,” “Lake Zurich” and the two previously-mentioned singles, The Now Now can be heard below. Press play and add the album on your preferred streaming platform.