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Action Bronson Wastes Time with ItsTheReal

blame it on Shake July 24, 2018

Amongst the growingly crowded podcast game, one of the most consistent shows over the years has been A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal.

From sitting down with the Roc-A-Fella camp for a trip down memory lane to conversations with the likes of Alchemist, Phonte, Swizz Beatz, and many others, the Rosenthal brothers have provided endless gems.

Now, as they approach their 200th episode, Eric and Jeff sit down with Action Bronson over bagels to talk (*inhales*) “Flushing, Queens, why he’s a fan of the New York Yankees, how he thinks his infamous Funk Flex freestyle went, how he injured his knee running from Germans, making plans for chicken parm with Lenny Dykstra, why Alchemist dresses the way he does, the calendar Jeff made where he photoshopped Action into Renaissance paintings, peeing in between subway cars, what Bobby Brown’s like in the kitchen, why exactly he got fired from Citi Field, what Tommy Mas meant to his career, what he learned from Paul Rosenberg, what he feels he could have done different while at Atlantic Records, his longtime relationship with Vice, where the name Fuck That’s Delicious comes from, what he thinks about White Rappers, what it’s really like to cook on Late Night with Seth Meyers, what rap camp at Alchemist’s house is like, why he shaved his face, what it says on the Post-It that Robert DeNiro gave him,” and much more.

Press play on episode 197 below.