Cypress Hill Returns (with DJ Muggs) on “Band of Gypsies”

blame it on Shake August 3, 2018

Cypress Hill is back!

Fresh off an eight year hiatus, B-Real and the gang will be releasing a new album called Elephants on Acid on September 28th. And unlike their last album (2008’s Rise), DJ Muggs—who is also releasing a solo album, Dia Del Asesinato, next week—is back behind the boards and providing all the production.

“With a band like Cypress Hill, you kind of try to avoid [sampling] because it can hold up your record,” Muggs told Rolling Stone. “So I had to build the record sonically like a Cypress Hill grimy-ass dirty f*ckin’ Hip-Hop record like the sh*t I like. But I had to use live sh*t. So I played a lot of sh*t myself. I had people come in and play, but I know how to freak my sh*t to make it sound like samples… I got a couple players that come in that are pro. I just pound on the f*cking keyboards and play all the crazy sh*t that you might hear that’s smoked the f*ck out.”

Kicking off the campaign, the blunted foursome have released a video for the lead single, “Band of Gypsies.”