DJ Muggs & MF DOOM Assassinate Kanye West In New Video

blame it on Shake August 10, 2018

Fresh off the release of his Dia Del Asesinato album, DJ Muggs wastes no time releasing a new video. And sheesh, it’s bound to turn a few heads.

After serving much needed justice to Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin’s killers in “Death Wish,” Muggs brings the DOOM-assisted “Assassination Day” to life with another animated clip that features a new target: Kanye West.

Taking place in the year 2020, the “Soul Assassin” takes a job from an unknown client and proceeds to set up shop at the top of a building while a crowd of white supremacists await the arrival of their presidential candidate. Locked and loaded, he peers through the sniper rifle scope at a sea of “Keep America Great” signs and sets his sight on West, who seemingly took the “Kanye 2020” idea to heart, before unloading a single shot square in his forehead. Blood pours and the clip ends with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin pointing and laughing at the violent scene as they’ve obviously had their evil plan executed to perfection.

Watch how it all plays out below.