Sabrina Claudio Releases New Album, ‘No Rain, No Flowers’

blame it on 2DBZ August 15, 2018

2018 has been quite the interesting year for Sabrina Claudio. Once a promising young R&B star, she’s seen her career take a major hit thanks to a few questionable decisions she made when she was younger.

Since the (deserving) backlash, Claudio has apologized profusely (and came off rather genuine) and looks to turn the page on her past with the release of her new album, No Rain, No Flowers.

Standing at eight songs, Sabrina’s latest project is led by two singles, “Messages From Her” and “Numb.” Filled with plenty of talent, will this be enough to gain back some of the energy and support she had from her About Time project? Only time will tell.

Hit play below—or don’t, the choice is yours.