Little Dragon Preview New EP with “Lover Chanting” Single

blame it on Shake October 9, 2018

With Season High still in heavy rotation from last year, Little Dragon are gearing up to release a new EP called Lover Chanting on November 9th, via Ninja Tune.

On top of the announcement, the Swedish band has also released the project’s lead single and title track; which was birthed while Fredrik Källgren Wallin (bassist) was searching for a wedding march inspired by a Swedish prog funk folk keyboardist named Merit Hemmingson.

“Erik (drummer) got inspired by the track and started singing,” the band said in a statement. “After Erik wrote his vocal verses Yukimi got a bit worried about his lyrical abilities and stepped in to add her part on the song. Håkan (keyboardist) flew to Germany to record a beautifully tuned clavinet. Once the clavinet was recorded, Fred and Erik added their flavor with some drums and deep synth bass.”

The result is an invigorating blend of bass-heavy electronica and R&B sensibilities that was crafted “for all the lovers out there” to chant along and dance for peace and unity in this world of madness. It’s one of three original songs found on the EP; which lead singer Yukimi Nagano breaks down even further.

“The force of love. Not only between two people but the force of love in this universe as the ultimate ecstasy,” she says. “Whether that is while you’re dancing at a disco forgetting where you are or just staring at the moon on a clear night, it can be anything. A swim in the ocean, a glance at a stranger–it’s a personal individual thing. Call it what you want but we have all felt it. So, embrace the great mystery of everything that your brain can’t grasp and lose track in the most beautiful sense.”

Press play and vibe out to “Lover Chanting” below.