Sylvan LaCue Rips Bas & J. Cole’s “Tribe” for “3:33”

blame it on Shake October 24, 2018

PHOTO: Jonathan Freeman

Fresh off wrapping up his Apologies in Advance Tour, Sylvan LaCue wastes no time getting back to the music with a fresh take on Bas and J. Cole’s “Tribe.”

Officially dubbed “3:33,” the Florida Man proceeds to rap circles around the Cole and Childish Major-laced record with lines about passing on a Roc Nation deal, departing from Logic’s Visionary team to bet on himself, finding happiness on the road with his fans, and more.

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“I really love the beat that Bas and J. Cole did. I just loved it. I was listening to it on repeat in the tour van. We were in Salt Lake City at the time and I started writing to it,” LaCue told Billboard. “It was the product of a lot of experiences. I realize I hadn’t spoken much about a lot. Even with Florida Man, there was a mission behind it. It was a lot of reminiscing and from a hindsight perspective. But this record is me kind of speaking how it felt. I hadn’t realized how much had happened in my life.”

“I think it was a culmination of stopping and breathing and being like, ‘Oh, this is how you’ve been feeling,'” he continued “I hadn’t really been able to shed light on what I’ve been feeling personally. As I’m digesting things, I’m used to just writing it out. I hadn’t done that in a while and that was the culmination of just freestyling. We shot the video in New Orleans. I was getting as much as I could out and also just changing narratives. Me being very confident in the direction that I’m going in, I’m like, ‘Yeah, this is what I’m on right now. This is what I’m about.’ Very clear and stick the flag on the mountain top.”

“I almost signed to my idol this year, the Roc almost did come alive, but it’s Wise, Wise, Wise/ Master with my masters, what would Jigga do?/ Ni**as act like I ain’t finished school/ Independent with the funding outta pocket, yet they still think I’m out of pocket”

Check it out below and head to Billboard for the full interview; where LaCue talks about the fumbled Roc Nation deal, life after Apologies in Advance, and more.