Joell Ortiz & Apollo Brown Serve Up “Cocaine Fingertips” Video

blame it on Shake November 6, 2018

“‘Cocaine Fingertips’ was one of the joints on the album where I decided to have bar fun over Apollo’s raw production,” Ortiz told hhdx. “I knew it needed a visual once we listened back. I felt like the video should be both fun and raw. Lotta fun filming this.”

With Mona Lisa still in heavy rotation, Joell Ortiz and Apollo Brown are back with a new video for one of the standout tracks, “Cocaine Fingertips.”

“The song called for a video as soon as it was recorded,” Brown added. “It was completely visual from the point the beat dropped. Joell went in super raw on this joint and gave you the content and wordplay deserved for this type of sound. We laughed pretty much the whole session. We also laughed pretty much the entire making of the video.”

Directed by Bela Atilla Kovacs, the video starts off with Joell “Chacho” face-planting a plate of china white while a news report of Pablo Escobar (Joell + wig) escaping prison flashes on the screen. From there, Chacho envisions himself assisting the drug lord’s getaway.

Check out the cinematic clip below and be sure to run that Mona Lisa back a few times. Like I said when it dropped, it’s a Top 10 album in 2018 – no debate.