The Committee Sounds Drop Off Debut EP, ‘It Takes A Village’

blame it on Wongo November 26, 2018

Take out a pen or pencil and some paper, or maybe just open up the Notes app on your phone and write down everything you know about LA Hip Hop. Got everything? Well, I’m sorry to inform you that you don’t and that’s because The Committee Sounds is here to add a new bullet-point to that list.

B. Will & Sean Swift both hail from Inglewood, CA and have been creating music for well over seven years. Originally in group called TiMG, the two created The Committee Sounds after the group disbanded. Standing as a hip-hop and R&B duo, the two separate themselves from all other duos by fusing their rhymes with their singing to create a picturesque sound.

Don’t be mistaken, they’re not the flashiest or most braggadocios of artists, they’re here to have fun, be successful to afford things they probably don’t even want, a show you their version of the city they were raised it.

This is exactly what they do on their new EP, It Takes a Village. Listeners are taken on a journey through LA, palm trees, sunny days and an ocean breeze included, from their point of view. There is no I in team and it takes a village to inspire the world to be a better place. They are doing their part by providing the soundtrack throughout that journey and beyond.

Lead by “Say It” & “Been Ready,” the EP stands at eight songs. The duo has recruited Myke Tyler & Therdchild as the supporting cast for the project.

Enough from me though, take a moment and indulge in the new LA experience. It Takes a Village is out now, hit play below and enjoy.