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Jay-Z & Rick Ross: Undefeated*

blame it on Meka December 5, 2018

The other day, Shake — following multiple listens of JAY-Z‘s Verse Of The Month-winning appearance on Meek Mill‘s Championships standout, “What’s Free” — decided to create a playlist consisting of every song Jay and Rick Ross have done together.

The interesting thing about that is, prior to re-starting 2DopeRadio, I had been quasi-working on a mix spotlighting Rick’s best soul-fused tracks for a while. Key word being “quasi,” because trying to craft a mix of that magnitude, and knowing how meticulous-slash-particular I am when it comes to putting things together, it would take way longer than I’d like it to, so I’ve indefinitely put it on the back-burner. However, a mix of Jay and Ross tunes? Sprinkled with some skits and samples used on the records? Say no more. Enter: Hov & Ross: Undefeated.*

(Plus, it serves as a holdover until the next episode of 2DopeRadio is completed. Because, again, meticulous-slash-particular.)

Since initially connecting on Rick’s debut album Port Of Miami, the duo have collaborated enough times throughout the past several years to have their own joint album. So, alongside the tracks they’ve done together, I’ve also included the samples for each applicable song. “Beef, Deconstructed” is perhaps my favorite moment of the mix; you’ll just have to listen to it to hear for yourself.

We at the DopeHouse hope you enjoy this special mix. Stream it, as well as the playlist on both Apple Music and Spotify, below.

  1. Intro
  2. Little Boy Blues – “Seed Of Love”
  3. Ahmad Jamal – “Don’t Ask My Neighbors”
  4. Rick Ross – “Movin’ Bass” ft. JAY-Z
  5. The Friends of Distinction – “And I Love Him”
  6. Rick Ross – “Maybach Music” ft. JAY-Z
  7. The Crowns Of Glory – “I’m So Grateful (Keep in Touch)”
  8. Rick Ross – “3 Kings” ft. JAY-Z
  9. Rick Ross – “Free Mason” ft. JAY-Z & John Legend
  10. DJ Khaled – “They Don’t Love You No More” ft. Rick Ross & JAY-Z
  11. Kanye West – “Monster” ft. Rick Ross & JAY-Z
  12. Gene Williams – “Don’t Let Your Love Fade Away”
  13. Rick Ross – “The Devil Is A Lie” ft. JAY-Z
  14. YouTube Says This Is “Pimp C’s Last Interview,” So… Pimp C’s Last Interview
  15. JAY-Z – “F**kWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” ft. Rick Ross
  16. Rick Ross – “Hustlin’ (Remix)” ft. JAY-Z
  17. Beef, Deconstructed
  18. Al Green – “I’m Glad You’re Mine”
  19. Biz Markie – “Biz Is Goin’ Off”
  20. Richard Evans – “Close To You”
  21. Meek Mill – “What’s Free” ft* . Rick Ross & JAY-Z
  22. Outro

* “Movin Bass” is the ’95 Orlando Magic, but on a rare day, it can still bang.