The-Dream Drops Endless Bedroom Jams on ‘Ménage à Trois: Sextape’ Trilogy

blame it on Shake December 21, 2018

With all this “King of R&B” talk going on, it’s only right The-Dream resurfaced with new music. And by new music, I mean 38 new songs (yes, thirty-eight) across three new projects officially dubbed Ménage à Trois: Sextape.

“Everyone that knows me knows I don’t save records. I try and build in that moment and be inspired by the moment,” The-Dream told Billboard about keeping things fresh on his new projects. “This is all new shit. I didn’t cut any corners of edginess. I just stuck to what my root was, because that’s what happens. You can be an architect of a certain thing and what’s new is always ‘better’ than what’s old. I can’t compete with what’s new, people expect certain things from me, whether they wanna admit it or not, but nobody can ever say I’ve made a shitty record or ever made an album with fillers. That’s not ever anything that I want to do, that’s me letting my core down and the core of R&B down. I just got bored for awhile and I wanted to dive more into things with people like Nas and Jay-Z and create a culture for the Dream that wasn’t like, ‘Oh, the king of R&B!’ I want to be the king of music.”

After weeks of teasing the release on his socials, The-Dream’s “38 Special” is feature-free and if you ask the veteran singer, there’s no fillers and it ain’t no “church R&B” shit, because he “changed that 10 years ago.”

Check out the tracklist, press play and be sure to add the Sextape trilogy on your preferred streaming platform.

Volume 1

  1. “Hardcore Pleasure”
  2. “No Rappers Allowed”
  3. “Forever”
  4. “Challenger”
  5. “Back In Love”
  6. “Night Thang”
  7. “Tuxedo”
  8. “On the Regular”
  9. “Platter”
  10. “Top”
  11. “Hell Mary”
  12. “Life”
  13. “It’s Yo Birthday”
  14. It’s Yo Birthday (Live Interlude)”

Volume 2

  1. “Temptation”
  2. “Bedroom”
  3. “Nda”
  4. “Ready”
  5. “Pull Out”
  6. “Change You”
  7. “Gorgeous”
  8. “Make It Rain”
  9. “Yours and Mine”
  10. “I Like”
  11. “Rise”
  12. “What It Look Like”

Volume 3

  1. “Drop Some New Sh*t (Intro)”
  2. “Drop Some New Sh*t”
  3. “Super Soaker”
  4. “You and I”
  5. “Runaway Sex”
  6. “Human Beings”
  7. “Gimmie That”
  8. “The Paris of the West”
  9. “Nikki’s Dialogue”
  10. “You”
  11. “Everytime I Kill Her”
  12. “Back to My Room”
  13. “U Got a Fan”
  14. “Body Fall”