Cormega Returns with ‘MEGA’ EP

blame it on 2DBZ December 26, 2018

Queens stalwart Cormega is officially back in action with his latest project, MEGA.

“December is the most difficult month to drop a project. It’s superstar season,” Cormega said on Instagram. “Promotion cost more. Manufacturers close for holiday break. The industry shuts down and big companies buy up all the good advertisement space. It’s real out here.”

“Independent labels won’t let artists put out music they say wait until 1st quarter. I said ‘f*ck that,” he continued. “I promised the fans I would make new music and I’m not breaking that promise. This is the biggest challenge I’ve ever had but challenges make life exciting. There’s a difference between ego and self belief. And so far my fans just from Instagram alone are justifying my belief. We (my publicist is a blessing) will start promotion everywhere soon. People put up memes with quotes that conflict with their movements. I really bet on myself. There’s NO company paying for my marketing, manufacturing, radio, studio, travel, etc. I’m exhausted, but the comfort is even more rewarding after the work.”

Equipped with five songs, produced entirely by Street Runner, MEGA can be heard below.