D’Angelo Releases First Single In Five Years, “Unshaken”

blame it on Meka January 4, 2019

I’ve yet to play Red Dead Redemption 2, so this song is entirely new to me.

However, if you’ve played the critically acclaimed and ultra-successful video game, you may have heard a familiar voice pop up during Chapter 5: D’Angelo. As it turns out, the reclusive singer is a huge fan of the game.

Ivan Pavlovich, Director of Music and Audio at Rockstar Games, said to Rolling Stone that the singer “would come to [Rockstar’s New York city office] and just play the game. We weren’t even talking about doing music.” He continues, “When D’Angelo comes through, he shows up at midnight, and he’s playing the game until four in the morning. Each time he was just like, ‘it’s incredible.’ It just blows his mind. He’s such a fan. I have never seen someone that excited.”

Eventually D’Angelo contributed an original song to the game’s soundtrack, “Unshaken.” His first new release since 2014’s Black Messiah, the track has officially been released to the streaming platforms. Hear it below.