Don Q Goes at Tory Lanez Neck on “I’m Not Joyner”

blame it on Shake January 26, 2019

It’s spooky out here.

Ever since his back and forth with Joyner Lucas, Tory Lanez has been running around calling himself the greatest rapper of all time and been begging for smoke from any and everyone (*cough* not named Royce 5’9″ *cough*). And well, Don Q just gave Lanez enough to fill a stadium.

Over the infamous “Victory” beat, the HighBridge emcee made it clear from jump he wasn’t here for play play, reminding Lanez he “gave him the gun and told him to shoot him in the head.”

Off rip, he kicks Tory off the bridge with lines about him biting rhymes during his Funk Flex freestyle. “You went to funk flex and starting spit just like me, speak up if I’m lying/ you said you watched my freestyles 100 times, I guess that’s what you sound like me in a couple of lines/ You said memories don’t die, my memory don’t lie/ You literally went up there and mimicked me the whole time.”

From there, the chubby don didn’t ease up. 

“Before I get bodied by a singing n***a, I’ll body a singing n***a, then air out the choir while they sending n***as/ me and you can meet up right now, f*ck bringing n****s/ Omar from The Wire with the shotty bout to string a n***a/ war time, about face/ I don’t gotta clout chase, I don’t gotta rap for nine minutes just to sound great/ you dissed Joyner Lucas with his sound / oh that’s foul play/ you dissed Drake then took his style on your Love Me Now tape.”

Equipped with artwork of Don Q hanging Tory over a bridge while rocking Soulja Boy’s headband, the audio buck fifty can be heard below.

UPDATE (1/28): And just like that, Tory Lanez has responded with some fire of his own on “Queen Don.”