Masego Performs “Lavish Lullaby” For Genius’ Open Mic

blame it on Wongo February 1, 2019

Looking at all-around abilities, Masego has quickly risen to the top of my list as one of favorites. His debut album, Lady Lady, serves as a big reason for this.

Back-tracking to the late 2018 album, Masego took his wide array of talents to Genius’ Open Mic series to perform “Lavish Lullaby” from his debut album.

Rather than performing while the song plays in the background, Masego builds the track’s beat from scratch using a piano, drum pad and other production pieces. It’s amazing to see him bring the track to life piece by piece and if you ever get the chance to, I recommend it as I was fortunate to see him do the same on his Lady Lady tour.

Before closing his set, Masego made sure put his signature on it, bringing out the sax to soothingly bring us to the track’s end.

Hit play on the performance below.