Tory Lanez Drops ‘Free 21’ Freestyle

blame it on Shake February 12, 2019

Tory Lanez has turned a new leaf.

Despite spending the last few months calling himself the “best rapper alive” and going back-and-forth with artists like Joyner Lucas, Royce 5’9″ and Don Q, Tory is no longer looking for beef and vows to hold up his fellow artists.

“Seeing my peers win Grammys tonight really inspired me and made me realize we only have so much time to achieve the goals we truly want. That being said, I will no longer entertain anymore negativity from this point,” Tory proclaimed in a lengthy Twitter update (available below).

Taking things to wax, Lanez also dropped a new freestyle over 21 Savage‘s “a lot” to expand on his thoughts and speak on the detainment of Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph.

“Go on the Gram, scroll on the page, look at the shit that I happened to see/ Look at what happened to 21 Savage, I’m knowing that shit could’ve happened to me,” he raps. “How they gon’ cut our n***a from the country for simply rapping on beats/ That happened to reach his goals, touching the souls of n***as that happened to be out trapping the trees/ Or packing the nines, a gat in their spine, it’s that or the back of the seat.”

“I saw a video of his little daughter this morning, it made me so happy to see/ Happy her daddy was on the television, accepting awards and actually free,” he continued. “Let’s keep it real, we ain’t finna lie, I think everybody laughed at the memes/ And then I realized that that shit was mean, you can’t be joking about somebody free-dom/ Most of these people don’t know the severity of a situation, know where they hearing it/ All of the blogs that filter the good and cater the bad, man, we need some clearer shit.”

Press play on Tory’s “Free 21” freestyle below.