Little Simz Performs “Venom” For COLORS

blame it on Meka March 6, 2019

With her latest album, GREY Area, now available, Little Simz was a recent guest on the popular music showcase COLORS for a performance.

Against an olive green backdrop, Simz performed “Venom” for the show. In related news, Simz recently spoke to Beats 1’s Julie Adenuga on her UK Represent show on GREY Area, success and more:

On prosperity

I think I’ve done well for myself. And I think I’m very ambitious and I’m very driven. All of this is just fire in my belly to want to do more. Because there’s all this talk like, ‘Ah, why have we been silent on Simz and this and this.’ And it’s like, I remember being so caught up in that. Like right, am I doing something wrong?

You know what that is? Growth.

‘I think, from the first two [projects], those being conceptual, there’s a childlike element there, you know what I mean? I think, from going from Stillness in Wonderland, with even just visually, was hand-drawn. It was very artistic. GREY Area is just clean, black and white shot. It’s just that growth, that evolution, I guess.’

The interview can be heard on Apple Music, while the COLORS performance can be checked out below.