Jay-Z & Prodigy Almost Appeared on M.O.P’s “Ante Up” Remix

blame it on Shake March 13, 2019

Fresh off the release of his Six Pack EP, Billy Danze just dropped a bomb while on Doggie Diamond’s No Filter podcast. According to the Brownsville rapper, both Jay-Z and Prodigy, as tensions were rising, we’re almost featured on M.O.P‘s blazing “Ante Up” remix.

“Jay was supposed to get on the song. Prodigy had did a verse for the song. But I didn’t wanna use Prodigy’s verse, because he was talking about Jay,” Danze revealed. “So, I hit Jay and said ‘nevermind, don’t worry about the verse, we’re closing the song out.’

“I couldn’t allow that,” he continued. “Even if it was the other way around, even if Jay was on the record dissing Prodigy, I would’ve taken Jay off the record. You don’t bring your little beef or little war into my house; I don’t do that.”

Less than a year later, Jay-Z dissed Prodigy, Nas and others on “Takeover,” with P responding on Mobb Deep’s “Crawlin.”

Now, while we reflect on what could’ve been, feel free to revisit the official remix—which is still hard as nails.

Above all else, Rest in Peace Prodigy!