Logic Announces New Album, ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’

blame it on Shake March 21, 2019

After kicking off the year with his “Keanu Reeves” single, Logic has now announced a new album.

Officially dubbed Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, the Maryland rapper announced the album–his “6ixth” in total–with a video that finds him rapping about the plight of fame and how social media can increase the anxiety and depression within an artist or celebrity who pays too much attention to what is being said.

UPDATE: Turns out, it’s the title track from the album and has since been released on all streaming services.

Paired with the caption, “I wrote this one in Blood,” Logic gets covered in blood while rapping things like, “Searching for bliss/ Only led me to searching for hits/ Only led me to badder depression/ I done learned my lesson/ Cause fame never lessen the pain/ What if your life was under a glass?/ And people tried to dig up sh*t from your past/ And tell you what’s good and what’s not/ And every time you drop a song they say that it’s wack or it’s hot/ And don’t give a damn that it came from the heart/ They tear it apart like hyenas/ This here for the dreamers/ This here for the people that know what I’m saying/ All of the people that know what I’m saying/ F*ck social media telling me who I should be and just how I should rap/ They always compare, they always compare me to others/ And try to pit me up against my brothers/ Now, why you think so many rappers be overdosing at the crib/ Cause people just won’t let them live.”

From there, he draws a pistol and keeps going…

“That’s why I keep flowing, that’s why I keep persevering/ Even when I’m here and I’m a b*tch, I’m a fag/ I’m a motherf*cking hypebeast, I ain’t black in the slight least/ I ain’t good enough, I should quit, I should kill myself/ Cause ‘you’ll never be Kenny’/ ‘You’ll never be better than Drizzy or Cole’/ ‘You’re losing your hair, you’re too f*cking old,’ yeah.”

All ends well, though, with Logic pushing forward and placing positivity over everything…

“Do what you love and do not give a damn/ F*ck all the haters that you see on the gram/ Just mind your own business and be a good man/ Be a good boss and be a good friend/ Spread your imagination to the millions and worry about how to maintain all your millions/ Just spread that positivity to the children/ And all of the haters that’s hating, just love em, cause thats the only way you ever gonna kill em.”

Check out the 6ix-laced record below and stay tuned for more information regarding Logic’s next album. Oh, and be on the lookout for his first book, Supermarket, dropping March 26th.