Epic Beard Men Release “Pistol Dave” Video with Slug of Atmosphere

blame it on Shake April 2, 2019

After years or touring and working together, Sage Francis and B. Dolan – together as Epic Beard Men – have finally released their debut album, This Was Supposed to Be Fun.

Playing out like a dark Buddy Comedy gone spectacularly sideways, the duo’s second project (following last year’s warm-up effort, Season 1), is filled with “sharp satirical, bombastic edutainment, written large in neon bubble letters for all the world to f*ck off to.” Cleary, those aren’t my words–but damn if it isn’t spot on.

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Celebrating the release of the album (which you can hear below and obtain here), the Rhode Island duo have released a video for one of the standout tracks, the Slick Rick-inspired “Pistol Dave” featuring Slug of Atmosphere and Blue Raspberry–who you may remember from classic Wu-Tang tracks or Apathy’s “The Winter.”

Animated by the talented Wasaru, the video follows the life and times of Pistol Dave (played by Slug), who is absolutely nuts in every sense of the word.

Check it out below and keep scrolling for the album, which also includes contributions from Eligh of Living Legends, South African newcomer Yugen Blakrok, New Orleans Bounce legend Vockah Redu, vocalist Kathleen Stubelek of Circle Takes the Square, and Worldwide.