Joyner Lucas – “Devil’s Work”

blame it on Shake May 2, 2019

With his ADHD album on the way, Joyner Lucas is back with a new single called “Devil’s Work.”

Released with a matching video, Lucas enters a church and proceeds to question God on why she’s taken so many good souls while so many rotten seeds continue to prosper on Earth.

As the build up continues, Joyner goes through a list of artists and figures who have passed–Tupac, Biggie, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson, etc–and proceeds to present a “trade” where he suggest people like Suge Knight, Donald Trump, and George Zimmerman take their place with rhymes like…

Give us Biggie, give us Pun, give us triple X
Take that n***a Trump with you, that’s a bigger threat
There’s too much power for a coward with no intellect
That’s a bigot with a collar there’s a disconnect


I need you to give us back Martin Luther, take Martin Shkreli
Give us back Malcolm, take R. Kelly
R.I.P. Lil Snupe, give that boy his life back
Take Eric Holder, give us Eric Wright back

Check out the controversial track below.