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Thank You, Naybahood Nip

blame it on Meka June 4, 2019

It’s been a few months, and yet it’s still surreal that Nipsey Hussle is no longer with us. Ermias Asghedom was more than a “rapper:” he was a beacon of hope, the shining definition of making it in a society that has predetermined Black men to fail. So, while it is rough acknowledging his physical departure, his legacy and impact will undoubtedly inspire a generation of men and women just like him.

Similar to our salutes to J Dilla and Busta Rhymes, the DopeHouse offers you a tribute to Neighborhood Nip. However, we’ve handed the reins over to DJ Spintelect, tour deejay for one Talib Kweli and resident (born and bred, mind you, not like those god-awful transplants) of Southern California.

“Nip meant so much to me because of what he showed us rather than talking about, especially growing up in the hood and specifically LA hoods that you can make your neighborhood shine,” Spin says about the late artist. “He made such an impact from the music, to the business ventures, to owning all of his own music, his brand that us in LA have been so proud of for over decade. I’m happy I was able to give Nip his flowers while he could smell them.”

“My process behind the mix was my normal approach I take to any of mixes,” he continues. “I record the mix in one take then go back through adding interviews and clips afterwards. This mix is for all of the people who love nip and even those who aren’t familiar with his catalog of work.”

Stream Thank You, Naybahood Nip, below.