38 Spesh Has ‘A Bullet For Every Heathen’ On New Album

blame it on Shake July 19, 2019

Fresh off bodying his verse on “Sunday School” off Benny the Butcher’s The Plugs I Met project, 38 Spesh is right back in the kitchen with the release of his latest project, A Bullet For Every Heathen.

Produced entirely by Big Ghost Ltd – who got his start right here in our c-section before going on to produce projects for Ghostface Killah (The Lost Tapes), Conway and Westside Gunn (Griselda Ghost), Vic Spencer (The Ghost Of Living), and a few others – the album checks in at 10 track with features from Spesh’s Trust Comes First family (Che Noir, Klass Murda and Black Geez) as well as Eto and Street Justice.

“Ever wondered what happened to Hip Hop albums that touched on different emotions and topics? Remember when cats had the street joints… the little club banger… some soft sh*t for the ladies… the introspective joint or some sh*t where knowledge was gettin dropped all on one album? Well, this ain’t that dumb sh*t,” Big Ghost says on IG, before getting into his trademark delivery. “Look at this cover art yo.. Do this man look like he tryna heal the world? Like he tryna hit you witta song bout global warming or how you need to work on ya self esteem and sh*t? You think it’s some hit records on this muthaf*cka? It’s all murder, death, kill over here b. Bullets. Drugs. Money. Drug money. More bullets. Bullets that was purchased with drug money and used to cop more drugs to sell in order to get more money to buy more bullets. This is the range of topics you can expect from this little masterpiece right here namsayin.”

“It aint that 38 Spesh CANNOT do all that calculated “well-rounded” sh*t,” he continued. “It’s that before even one bar got recorded we had discussed the direction of this album. Without really SAYIN IT sayin it, I think we just agreed that what this project needed was cohesion. Think that’s called symbiosis or some sh*t like that… or like telepathic communication or whatever. The point is the sh*t turned out magnificent. And MFs gotta die. It is what it is.” 

Well, alright then! Press play below.