Tobi Lou Is ‘Live On Ice’ On New Album

blame it on Wongo August 2, 2019

Tobi Lou made his way into the DopeHouse thanks to his self-love anthem in “Troop.” Since its release, the Chicago native has dropped a slew of music, including tobi lou and the Loop and tobi lou and the Juice.

Three EPs and a slew of singles and videos later, tobi has touched down with his debut album, Live On Ice. Speaking on the album, he elaborated on his thought process behind it.

“I’m finally having an awakening and seizing my moment by putting out my first real offering and saying, ‘OK, I’m ready – judge me … People go crazy for Lion King, but go even crazier for Lion King On Ice, and I feel like that with this project. I released a lot of music last year but nothing like this – this is by far the craziest thing I’ve done, so it had to be Live on Ice.”

With that being said, it’s time to let the show begin. Twenty-one songs deep, Live On Ice is led by “Like My Mom,” “Waterboy” & “My Party.” Tobi also calls on Erica Rene, Tony Bigz, Rockie Fresh, Facer, Vernon, Ryan Destiny & Lejkeys for the album.