Red Hearse Release Genre-Bending, Self-Titled Debut

blame it on Shake August 16, 2019

Back in June, the trio of Jack Antonoff, Sam Dew, and Sounwave announced the formation of a new group called Red Hearse and formally introduced themselves with a pair of absolute grooves.

Inspired by each of their hometowns: New Jersey, Chicago, and Compton, Antonoff (of Bleachers/fun.), Drew (who penned the “LoveHate Thing” hook for Wale’s The Gifted album) and the TDE in-house producer come through with their self-titled debut, Red Hearse, which is a synth-pop explosion that’s full of soul and unlike anything they’ve created before.

“It’s a whole new sound that’s intriguing and inspiring each other’s thoughts,” Sounwave explained to EW. “Things I would never do, Jack would do, and vice versa. If I do something and it sparks Jack’s idea and that sparks Sam to do a crazy harmony. The fact that there’s a few moments that are extremely beautiful and pretty, I’m the guy who comes in and makes it more dangerous. That’s my signature. There are moments in some songs that feel like a big, beautiful flower and I want to pick petals off that flower.”

“Amongst the three of us there is this weird magnet in our triangle that’s pushing and pulling on each other,” Antonoff added. “There’s a lot of sandpaper because of our sonic differences and different sensibilities. The idea that we come from different musical backgrounds is probably the only reason why this thing works.”

Press play below and be sure to add Red Hearse wherever you hear music.