G Perico Returns with ‘Ten-Eight’ Project

blame it on Shake August 23, 2019

Last summer, G Perico dropped his Guess What EP with a promise it was just a “warm up” and he had “about 200 songs ready to go” after its release.

Now, a calendar year later, the South Central rapper has now inked a deal with Roc Nation and plans to release his Broadway debut, executive produced by Terrace Martin (!!), in the near future. Today, he kicks off the new chapter in his career with the release of a new project called Ten-Eight.

“I named this project Ten Eight because 108th is pretty much the essence of G Perico,” G Perico told Complex. “What I represent now came from days and nights of being right here, fighting right here. I’ve been shot right here. The police have come in and kicked in doors. This is all during the time that I was trying to become a successful musician, philosopher, entrepreneur, forward-thinker. This is where I did my first project, around the side. We built a studio right here. That’s where I did Tha Innerprize. I was on bail, down the street hustling. There were shootings every day, it was crackin’. This is where the vision came about and we started cultivating it into something.”

“I would say that Ten Eight is an introduction to more commercial street shit,” he continued. “It’s just to keep the street bouncing. I love it when motherfuckers pull up banging my shit. From me starting until now, I kind of understand what they like. Ten Eight is pretty much that. You’re going to be able to party to it and take something from it. My previous shit is just straight gangster. This is some shit you can vibe and party to. 

“Terrace Martin is executive producing my album. My whole shit is not driven by money but by what’s going to last. I’m going to be gone one day, and I need my music to stand the test of time. The album is more topic driven and is definitely going to solidify that. I saved a lot of stories for that. Everything is about timing. I don’t want people to feel like I said this specific thing already. There are certain stories and things that happened for me to be G Perico and be in this position. 

“Ten Eight is going to bring you to the hood, and Broadway is the ride through. There’s going to be a lot of shit that I haven’t touched on because I was waiting for the perfect time. That’s the vision that I got for this shit. 20/20 vision. Full speed ahead. Geah.”

Equipped with 11 tracks, the release includes features from Sonny Digital (“Big Raccs”), Az Chike, and Bucho. Press play below and add Ten-Eight wherever you consume music.