Von Pea – “The Norm”

blame it on Meka September 4, 2019

Following up his Tanya Morgan partner Donwill’s One Name No Space (which he also produced), Von Pea will release his new solo album City For Sale on September 10th.

City For Sale is a breakup album,” Von says. “A relationship album. Instead of a woman, it’s about my hometown…YOUR hometown…your old way of living. Growing apart from a place, from people, from who you once were. Because I’m from a currently gentrifying city that theme is on the surface of the album but the overall narrative is for any person that feels unfamiliar in a space that was currently familiar to them. This album is me finding my new comfort zone because I have to.

He’s now dropped the project’s second single, “The Norm.” “This goes out to every ‘bad’ neighborhood and all the everyday people that call these ‘bad’ neighborhoods home, for now,” he continues.

Listen below.