Kid Cudi & Nigo Talk ‘Kids See Ghosts 2’ with Kanye, New Music & More

blame it on Meka September 10, 2019

When Kid Cudi moved to New York from Ohio, he was like every other transplant (this quasi-writer included): armed with nothing but clothes, minimal funds and a load of ambition and determination. He would ultimately land his “dream job” working at the A Bathing Ape store in Soho, but, according to his September 2019 profile with Complex, it wouldn’t last long. “The year before, while he still worked at Abercrombie & Fitch, he met Dot Da Genius through a co-worker. They clicked instantly and began making music together, including what wound up being Cudi’s first single, “’Day ‘N’ Nite.’”

His connection with BAPE (and, eventually, its creator Tomoaki Nagao, also known as Nigo) would remain however, which is the basis of their cover story together. In their sit-down, the pair discuss their beginnings, Nigo’s Human Made brand, Cudi’s upcoming solo album Entergalactic, a possible Kids See Ghosts sequel, and more.

“He’s an originator, and that inspires me,” Cudi says of Nigo. “I always wanted to create my own sound, so anybody that I see doing their own thing and leading the charge in their lane, I have so much respect for them.”

The article can be read here, while their interview can be watched below.