KXNG Crooked Doesn’t Need a Beat to Kill It on “WTFIGOH”

blame it on Shake October 4, 2019

For the last 39 weeks, KXNG Crooked has been bodying tracks every Friday as part of his ongoing The Weeklys series. Flipping reimagined classics from Nas, The LOX, OutKast, Mobb Deep and countless others, there really isn’t a beat that Crooked can’t catch a body to. But today, there’s no need for one.

Giving Dizz, the producer behind the series, a break, the Long Beach lyricist proceeds to let off over two minutes of a cappella bars.

“I love writing music that uplifts people. I love when someone sends me a message and says ‘that song you wrote made my day.’ I love when I write so deep and I’m expressing a level of pain that move people to tears, because I made a connection with them–a human connection.”

“You know what else I love,” he continued. “When rappers say they are the best. Because I don’t feel you’re the best, I’ll never feel that. I’m the best. I’m out to prove that once a week. There’s a lot of people who rap every week, but they can never compete with the originator. That’s just facts.”