Blockhead Drops ‘Bubble Bath’ Album

blame it on Shake November 8, 2019

With over 20 projects under his belt, including one of my favorite albums of all time (2004’s Music By Cavelight), Blockhead is back with his tenth studio album, the hilariously-titled Bubble Bath.

“I set out to make an album that was made to enjoyed in the comforts of a bathtub — be it for relaxing or slitting your wrists,” the NYC producer told hhdx. “The titles come from some inside jokes or just the mood the song gives me. Like, I take an idea and expand on it until it’s this off shoot abstract idea of that original idea.”

Equipped with a dozen tracks, Blockhead suggests you “play it while in an actual bathtub filled with water and bubbles” and to “buy it, stream it, or rub it all over your butthole.” You know, however you absorb music.