Ama Lou Drops ‘Ama, Who?’ EP

blame it on Wongo November 17, 2019

A product of North London, Ama Lou gained a large amount of traction thanks to her “Northside” track. Just a month removed from the track, Ama makes her grand entrance with her major-label debut.

Five tracks in length, Ama premieres Ama, who? via Interscope. Speaking on the EP, she gave an explanation on its which comes from a few conversations she’s had. “Yo have you heard about this girl Ama Lou? I just heard her music today and,” while getting interrupted by someone else saying, “Ama who?”

As for the EP’s content, Ama also spoke on that in an interview with Billboard saying, “This project is all encompassing and totally Ama, I know that’s a bit of a vague description, but the detail lies in the vagueness. Every song is different but all very me. I kind of a start to look into the foundation of my work, who I am and what I can do. It’s just another step forward.”

Out now, get acquainted with Ama Lou below.