Aaliyah’s Entire Discography May Finally Hit The DSPs

blame it on Meka December 5, 2019

Like Jigga, Baby Girl is also coming back.

For those unaware, currently the only music from the late Aaliyah available on the DSPs is her debut album, 1994’s Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number (while fans do appreciate that, it’s also doesn’t take away from the fact that the monster is associated with it). However, because of her uncle, record executive Barry Hankerson, the rest of her music — 1996’s One In A Million and 2001’s Aaliyah — has not been on any of the streaming platforms since… well, it’s felt like forever. Hankerson owns the rights to the two albums, as she was signed to his label Blackground Records/Atlantic Records up until her tragic passing in 2001. I remember reading somewhere that her family-slash-estate has been desperately trying to change that and for whatever reason Hankerson wouldn’t budge.

Interestingly enough, remember when Drake wanted to make an Aaliyah album, or when T-Pain had a posthumous track with her slated for his 2015 mixtape The Iron Way, and both never came to fruition? Yeah, blame thank that was Barry’s doing partially.

Well, now it appears that the rest of Aaliyah’s music, similar to Jay-Z’s recently, will finally hit the DSPs. According to the Pop Hub, Barry — via his private account — tweeted that her music will finally hit Spotify, Apple, & everything in between, on January 16th 2020; or, what would have been her 41st birthday.

Now, while this should be taken with a grain of salt, it’s still great to see that this can possibly happen after all this time.

You know… if it actually happens.