Nineteen85 Gives New Update On dvsn Album

blame it on Wongo January 4, 2020

Ever since the release of their debut album, Sept. 5th, back in 2015, dvsn are not only a favorite out of the OVO squad, but a favorite among the current roster of today’s R&B acts.

In the time following their sophomore effort, Morning After, singer Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 would be practically silent, aside from their appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk. All that changed this past summer when the duo returned with “Miss Me?” and “In Between” and again in October for “No Cryin’” with Future.

So the question that remains is what about the album? Responding to a question posed by YouTube personality ThatDudeMCFLY on whether or not dvsn would drop in 2020, Nineteen85 not only confirmed they would but revealed the wait wouldn’t be too long.

“Album on the way. Feb.” was the response from Nineteen85 and just like that a new dvsn album shall be in our hands quite possibly around Valentine’s Day as well. Do as you will with that information.

Check out the update below and stay tuned for more from the duo.