Torae to Teach ‘The Business of Music’ Course at Brooklyn College

blame it on Shake January 30, 2020

Is there anything Torae can’t do? If I had to place a bet, all my money would be on “no” and I’d gladly accept the winnings. Torae is more than a emcee.

Not only can he rap circles around some of your favorite artists, which he’s proven on a annual basis for the last 12+ years (many of which have been documented right here at the DopeHouse), but the Coney Island native has also staked his claim in hosting radio (bodying it daily on SiriusXM), acting, using cars as dumbbells and running his own business (Internal Affairs).

Now, he’s adding “professor” to the resume.

On February 26th, Torae will be launching a hip hop education course called “The Business of Music” at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn.

Designed to help educate aspiring recording industry professionals, the eight-week course will examine important aspects and tools of the music business–including an introduction to the industry, an understanding of Performing Rights Organizations (ASCAP/BMI/SESAC/GMR), gaining familiarity with streaming in the new digital era and how it relates to revenue, the pros and cons of different types of record deals, insight on setting up one’s own company, and the mechanics of marketing, publishing, marketing, merchandising and touring among other business objectives.

“I am multifaceted, and I can speak about the culture through a few different lenses, from emceeing to branding, and now as a professor,” Torae says of the course, which will be taking place from February 26th to April 15th on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-9pm. No enrollment necessary.

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