Kevin Abstract Opens Up About Ameer Vann To Rick Rubin In GQ Interview

blame it on Meka March 12, 2020

During his sit-down with Rick Rubin, Kevin Abstract opened up about Ameer Vann.

“[It] fully f*cked me up, because it was someone I knew since I was 14,” he said during their GQ Epic Conversation. “Just, like, fully cutting someone off in front of people — the audience — is a wild thing. Something you think about every day.” 

TL;DR, for those still unaware: When the group released their major label debut iridescence, it arrived during a turbulent period of the self-proclaimed boy band’s lives: after signing to RCA Records, Ameer was dismissed from the group following a series of sexual assault allegations from multiple women.

When asked by Rubin if he had any regrets, Abstract said no. However, he did wish that there was “more time to talk, that’s it. I wish that I didn’t make the decision so quickly. Even if we made the exact same decision, I wish there was a little bit more time to talk … And maybe that’s because I just miss how sh*t used to be, so I wish there was a little bit more time.”

You can watch the entire conversation (the part about Ameer happens around the 34-minute mark), below.