Quelle Chris – “Living Happy”

blame it on Meka March 16, 2020

Quelle Chris has been busy. Already having dropped his solo album Guns as well as his collaborative album with his wife Jean Grae (Everything’s Fine) in the past two years, Chris will release Innocent Country 2 on April 20.

“[The album is] the second installment of the Innocent Country series (by producer/instrumentalist Chris Keys and I) and the 4th in the 2dirt4tv series, deals with finding peace within the pain expressed in Innocent Country,” he said to Pitchfork. “Where Innocent Country explored isolation Innocent Country 2 embraces community.

“The overtones of pessimism in IC1 have been replaced with hope. This ‘country,’ presented as both the individual and the whole, has hands stained in blood,” he continues. “From action and inaction. IC2 is not only about recognizing what makes us who we are, good and evil, but about acknowledging, growing, healing, helping, communicating, living, learning (and more verbs than I can attempt to write in a quote) together. So many human truths that should bring us together have been turned into tools to separate us. We (Chris and I) are not here to solve the world’s problems. We’re not here to play “woke” or conscience or some other label that distracts from the music/message. We are simply humans with hearts, eyes, ears and voices. We only wish to share a few spells of positivity that, if received, may provide a sword, a shield and a soundtrack for light in the often bleak timeline that is the now.”

He’s now shared the latest offering from it, “Living Happy” with Cavalier and Joseph Chilliums. Hear it below.