Che Ecru Drops ‘Still Single’ Album

blame it on Shake March 27, 2020

One of the more frustrating (or rewarding, depending how you look at it) things about running a website like this is keeping up with the laundry list of artists (that continues to grow, daily) and everything they release.

Case in point: back at the top of 2017, I posted a project from Cardo and Boston singer Che Ecru called CheGotWings. After that, it was silent–at least that’s what I thought. Turns out, Che has been releasing projects on a yearly basis and I’ve ended up missing the last two (Buries, Fan Out of Rucks).

Today, Che Ecru–who now resides in Los Angeles (where the better NBA team plays, heh)–released an album called Still Single. And thankfully, this time I’m aware of the drop and am able to support the way I like to.

Led by the Teddy Walton-laced “Infamy” and “Roaming,” the album checks in at 10 tracks and is way better than PARTYMOBILE with no features.

Press play, vibe out, and add the album wherever you consume music.