Catch a Vibe to J. Hutton’s Undeniable Groove, “Pink Couch”

blame it on Shake April 1, 2020

As exhausting as some things that come with running a music website can be, one thing I will never get tired of is discovering new talent. Be it a recommendation from an ear I trust (what up, Tunji), an algorithm on SoundCloud, a random email I end up checking, or just pure luck.

During the quarantine, despite working both jobs, I’ve been on the hunt–lucking out in the process with acts like Jeida Woods and Rileyy Lanez.

And now, it’s time to shed some light on mystery man, J. Hutton, who just released “Pink Couch” (his third song ever) and man, it’s an absolute JAM!

“During an awe inspiring thunderstorm in central Manhattan (NYC), J watched as the torrential rainfall poured over the neon soaked windows of the nearby apartment buildings,” a description of how the song came about reads. “The pink reflection illuminated through the living room window turning the couch a pinkish hue. J and Losh began creating a soundscape that could rival the bewildering power of that Manhattan deluge.”

Vibe out to “Pink Couch” below, add it wherever you get music, and keep scrolling for Hutton’s previous two releases: “Twice” and “No Complaints.”