Skyzoo Gets Jazzy on “Good Enough Reasons” with Dumbo Station

blame it on Shake April 7, 2020

When it comes to writing rhymes, Skyzoo is one of the nicest to ever do it. Seriously, his pen game is UP there. But the emcee from Brooklyn is more than just a rapper and his range of music extends well passed Hip-Hop.

Enter: The Bluest Note, a new album Skyzoo will be releasing on April 24th alongside Italian nu-jazz band Dumbo Station.

“As much as I’ve incorporated my favorite genre of music with my other favorite genre of music, this is the first time I’ve been able to craft an entire project based on jazz production from top to bottom,” Sky told Complex. “From writing musical arrangements with them and having them bring them to life in the studio in Rome, Italy; it was a perfect union and execution of what I foresaw when I began to sketch out the project.”

Ahead of the project’s release, Skyzoo and Dumbo Station have released the first single, “Good Enough Reasons.”

“For ‘Good Enough Reasons,’ I’ve had this pattern in my head for awhile,” Sky says. “The tone of how the drums play out, and this hybrid of a smooth but melancholy but cool but blatant feel on a beat, and letting the lyrics take the same road. I came up with an arrangement and expressed it to the band and they took it and ran 100MPH with it. Once the beat was done, my pen just kinda flew on its own accord. It went where it wanted, right along with that hybrid of a beat. The outcome was what you hear when you press play on this record. It was the last record I wrote for the project and it’s easily one of my favorites.”

Check out “Good Enough Reasons” below and get ready for the album.