TOBi Adds Kemba to “180” Remix

blame it on Shake April 14, 2020

As if STILL wasn’t good enough, TOBi will be releasing a special deluxe edition of his debut album, officially dubbed STILL +, on April 30th.

On top of the “City Blues (Remix)” with The Game, the extended version will also feature two new songs and a remix of “180” featuring Kemba.

“I’m excited to give STILL more life by adding songs, putting on for Toronto and showing the themes of my life,” TOBi says. “This ‘180’ remix I wrote, juxtaposes my teenage self with my current self, describing the shit I used to get into with my friends. There were certain things you couldn’t tell me as a kid, unless you had earned my respect. I find that now, I am that guy to some of my young boys. I feel like a protector sometimes, or a light on their path. Also, Kemba is one of my favorite lyricists right now, so getting him on there was mandatory.”

“TOBi has a soulfulness and lyricism that I respect,” Kemba added. “The original ‘180’ was fire. With that as the foundation, my verse was easy to write.”

Check out the updated track below and keep scrolling for the tracklist.