J. Hutton Keeps the Jams Coming with “Old Fashioned”

blame it on Shake May 5, 2020

Last month, we introduced you to a multi-talented Canadian artist that goes by the name of J. Hutton. From writing to singing, playing instruments, and even getting down on some illustration, the mystery man does it all.

In our initial post, we shared and raved about a song called “Pink Couch.” And today, he’s back with another taste of his forthcoming album in the form of the project’s second single, “Old Fashioned.”

“In the mid-September lowlight, J. Hutton was perched upon his rooftop sipping his fine Arabic coffee. Within the hum of the early morning gridlock, vivacious and harmonic car horns rang in sequence into the ether. J began to sing in-between each horn line, imagining he was Cab Calloway during one of his televised big band performances,” a chapter-book style anecdote about the song’s creation reads. “As he glided across the tarred rooftop, singing the opening lines of what would become a funky sax laced song. Over the course of a fortnight J. and Losh (producer) would transform the vociferous roar of traffic to the sharp soundscape that is ‘Old Fashioned.'”

Vibe out below and get ready for Hutton’s album. I’ve had the pleasure of getting an early listen and it’s been on constant rotation for weeks.