Dreamville x TDE: Cozz & Reason Tease Collaborative Album

blame it on Meka May 26, 2020

For years, fans have clamored for a Dreamville x TDE joint project (namely: a J. Cole x Kendrick Lamar project), and they were treated to it — well, kinda-sorta-not-reallyish — with Revenge Of The Dreamers III, which featured TDE’s Reason on a few tracks throughout both versions.

Now it looks like that Dreamville x TDE joint project may actually be on the horizon with Reason and Dreamville’s Cozz taking the first steps.

Taking to Twitter, Cozz revealed that he and his fellow SoCal native have been working on a collaborative project. “Man this project between me and Reason gon’ be something special,” he said. “Just wait on it.”

Funnily enough, one of the first replies to that tweet was from a TDE fan account which literally said what we’ve all been thinking: “don’t drag it like the Kendrick and Cole project we were promised.”

Truer words…

Either way, let’s hope that the “LamboTruck” co-conspirators drop something sooner than later. I mean, it ain’t like anybody’s been allowed to go out an do anything for the past three months, so this writer knows that they have a bunch of free time.