Donwill Shares ‘Some Music’ EP

blame it on Meka November 6, 2020

Throughout this tumultuous year BandCamp launched the initiative BandCamp Fridays, where artists get the opportunity to keep all revenues earned on their music sold throughout the day.

Lessondary member Donwill has taken advantage of this program, and has now released ‘Some Music’ for our eardrums.

“I had planned on releasing an album this year. I started working on it sometime last year and at some point I just stopped. Very recently I started pulling it apart because that’s typically what I do if I don’t abandon the project all together,” Don says.

“The first two these songs are from that album. The third song was written when i was trying to figure out how to use Twitch. It was supposed to live and die on IG as a post but I figured why not let it go as well since it fits the theme of this thing.”

Listen to them below.