Goodie Mob Returns with ‘Survival Kit’ Album; Featuring André 3000 & Big Boi

blame it on Shake November 12, 2020

The south still has something to say.

It’s been 25 years since Goodie Mob stepped out with their debut album, Soul Food. Since then, the southern group has popped in an out of the rap realm with various projects – both as a unit and of the solo variety. And now, seven years after reuniting for Age Against the Machine, Big Gipp, Cee-Lo, Khujo, and T-Mo are back once again with their sixth album, Survival Kit.

Produced entirely Organized Noize, the album is an all out Dungeon Family affair with features from OutKast (sadly, on different tracks with André 3000 appearing on “No Cigar” and Big Boi following up on “Prey 4 Da Sheep”), the great Big Rube, Chuck D (“Are You Ready”), and DC Young Fly.

  1. “Are You Ready” ft. Chuck D
  2. Frontline
  3. “Curry Goat”
  4. “No Cigar” ft. André 3000
  5. “Prey 4 Da Sheep” ft. Big Boi
  6. “DC Young Fly Crowe’s Nest Break”
  7. “4 My Ppl”
  8. “Big Rube’s Road Break”
  9. “Off-Road”
  10. “Try We”
  11. “Me Tyme”
  12. “Back2Back”
  13. “Survival Kit”
  14. “Calm B 4 Da Storm”
  15. “Big Rube’s Amazing Break”
  16. “Amazing Grays”

Press play below and add Survival Kit wherever you consume music.